1st Objective

SOCIAL EFFECTS has as its main objective to foster synergy between the various associations present in Portugal and Africa, favoring joint actions focused on Development for the benefit of the Communities involved, to the detriment of possible resource expenditures, often supported by the ego of those responsible for the positions Leaders, thus seeking to add rather than disperse.

2nd Objective

To contribute to the reintegration into society of socially excluded individuals and families, to promote the development of personal, social and professional competences; Motivate and implement occupational and work activities; Overcoming subsistence deficiencies, namely food, residency, hygiene and health, through our Reintegration Plan in the Society.

3rd Objective

To intervene in key sectors of Portuguese and Lusophone society, in order to create levers of Integrated and Sustainable Human Development, with a continuous multiplier effect, in which local populations are the real protagonists of change.

4th Objective

To implement strategies and actions that contribute to eliminate the difficulties of access to education among children of needy families in the African countries of the CPLP.



HOPEN is one of the satellite projects of SOCIAL EFFECTS ONG, whose mission is: to use photography as an alarm clock of the IntraCommunity Responsibility of the residents of this planet; Focus on refugees throughout the world; A platform for the sale of photographs made by the look of a child / youth in the refugee camps, Brazilian favelas and many other disadvantaged places of our Planet, a platform to be launched soon (we are looking for a partner for more technical development). Is focused on the Brazilian favelas, through Elisabete Maisão (the mentor of the project). Follow HOPEN's facebook to find out what's going on.


We intend to offer support to social intervention initiatives, that is, to support non-profit entities at ZERO cost, in order to manage them more professionally and thus be more productive and therefore develop better work in the field and for which Were created (the "core business") with greater incidence in those that develop projects for the youngest public - the future of the planet!


Since Social Effects intends to be 100% financially sustainable, with as few donations, patrons and other situations as possible that could divert the organization from its primary objective, we have developed a partnership with "Paulo Pereira Design" to create A line of fashion products (polos, tshirts, hats, mobile phone covers, sportswear and other accessories) that excel in detail in design, design and quality, products that we want to be acquired and used daily, for their differentiation and not only For the social cause.40% of the profit is for reinvestment and 60% for financing the work in the Global Community.


Based on the experience of the founder, we decided to open coworking spaces, which are open to the general public. These spaces, which are autonomously managed by SOCIAL EFFECTS LDA (social company of SOCIAL EFFECTS) donate 60% of the PROFIT obtained by this service to the SE NGO, which finances all our work in the Global Community.


Nuno Guilherme

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors (BoD)

Raquel Botelho

Co-founder and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Filipe Fernandes

External Audits and Chairman of the Fiscal Council (FC)

Paulo Pereira

Training Coordinator and BOD vowel

Nadia Furtado

Designer in-house and BOD vowel

Pedro Machado

Media Manager and BOD vowel

Monica Sofia

Internacional Relations and BOD vowel

Ricardo Gomes

Projects Development and BOD vowel


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